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This healing art has been studied, researched, and  used by Eastern Asian cultures for thousands of years to achieve a greater state of health, vitality, and well being.


Acupuncture involves the gentle insertion of very fine, sterile needles into specific points on the body.  Often times patients experience a state of openness and ease throughout their bodies during the treatment, and seldom describe any pain sensation. Some points may be more subject to feeling the insertion of the needle more than others, but we can work together through breath and awareness to create a comfortable experience.  I utilize a Japanese style of needling, which is very gentle and minimally invasive.

Acupuncture can have a profound effect  on changing the terrain of your body that may lead to relief of symptom, dis-ease, or pain patterns.  

If someone is needlephobic, there are other adjunct therapies in Chinese medicine that can be called upon, including acupressure,  moxibistion or cupping.


Acupressure is using pressure on specific points on the body to generate a therapeutic response. A treatment session can also be dedicated to bodywork only.


Moxibustion is a warming therapy that utilizes plant matter from Artemesia to bring warmth and circulation to specific locations on the body.  


Cupping is a therapy that is becoming quite popular in mainstream sports medicine for muscle spasms, tension, pain, and injury. It can be recognized by the circular bruises, usually on the back, that can be left behind. Cupping utilizes sterile glass cups to create a vacuum that helps to separate muscle and fascial layers that have adhered to each other through overuse or repetitive movements. 


Physical touch is direct medicine for the nervous system, and can have a profound effect on the body system as a whole. Bodywork can be used as an independent treatment modality, or as an adjunct therapy.  My offerings include cranial sacral therapy, Shiatsu, Sotai, motility work and myofascial release. 

Cranial sacral therapy is a subtle yet profoundly effective healing modality that works with the rhythms of the central nervous system to achieve a greater state of ease in movement and being. 

Shiatsu is a Japanese form of massage that utilizes the acupuncture channel perspective to increase the flow of circulation to and from specific areas of the body. Shiatsu can be identified with rhythmic rocking and percussion along the body in the specific lines that follow acupuncture channels.


Sotai is another form of Japanese bodywork that utilizes a specific combination of breath, resistance, and relaxed passive movements to retrain the nervous system to communicate properly with the muscular and fascial layers of the body with the goal of relieving physical discomfort and tension. 

Motility work is the communication with our underlying structures- bones, organs, glands, and circulatory system- to identify places of hangup in their natural rhythm, and encourage movement where necessary. This therapy utilizes the subtlety of perception similarly to cranial sacral, and applies it to the rest of the body.

Myofascial release works directly with the muscular and fascial layers of the body to redistribute areas of tension to support the entire structure. Myofascial release can occilate between subtle movements to combinations of impulses and stretching.


Most of our best medicines are growing and flourishing in the same environment that we are. I have explored and developed relationships with many of our bio-regional plant allies as forms of medicine through the lens of my classical Chinese herbal medicine training. I utilize local plant medicines whenever possible, to assist patients in strengthening their internal terrain as well as strengthening their relationship to their external living environment.

Classically trained in Chinese herbal medicine, I humbly strive to follow the ways and scripts of the ancient herbal texts to create custom herbal formulas to support each individual's constitution as well as address the underlying causes of the symptom pattern presentation that are bringing patients in for care. Classical training incorporates ways of thinking including directional philosophy, symbolic thinking, as well as cosmic and seasonal resonance that allows space for creativity when crafting an herbal formula.


Healing Arts

Our modern culture seems to have forgotten the importance of ritual and ceremony.  I am honored to work with individuals to co-create rituals and ceremonies to mark important occasions in their lives and bring sacred reverence to them. Do you want to honor a young women's coming of age upon menses, or the release of the last egg? Or wish to create ceremony to release an unborn spirit back into the higher realms? Perhaps create a ritual upon moving into a new home or business with a thorough smudging calling upon the power of our plant allies?  I am here to help. Please contact me with your needs, and we can co-create this moment.

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