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Touch of Sound


Following the art and wisdom of Chinese Medicine Daoist Cosmology, in combination with the medicine of Sonic Alchemy, we invite you to join us  for an embodied exploration of the Chinese Medicine organ-channel networks.  You will have the opportunity to deepen your relationship with yourself through- acupuncture, gong bath and percussive sound journey, meditation, visualization, song, breath, and movement. Each month we will build on the cosmological story, with a different organ system and acupuncture channel being featured, felt, and loved.​

Acupuncture in this group healing circle will provide opportunity to attune to the present moment through harnessing the stories and wisdom held within the acupuncture channels. Ryan McLaughlin, L.Ac. will craft a unique treatment for you using pulse diagnosis to open the doorway into supporting your unique constitution in alignment with the present moment.​ The room will be filled with the healing sonic vibrations of percussionist and sound alchemist Ben Lee, as we journey into the exploration within.

Touch of Sound 2023

(Usually) The 1st Saturday of the month

11am -  1pm​ 

Space is limited. Pre-registration required.

$55 / person

January  7th

February 4th

March 4th

[ Retreat: March 17th - March 19th ]

April 8th

May 6th

[ Retreat: June 2nd - 4th ]

July 1st

August 5th

September 2nd

[ Retreat September 29 - October 1st }

October 7th

November 4th

December 2nd

All Touch of Sound single day events are held at:

Flourish of Life Medicine

701 W. Union Blvd. Suite 8a. Bethlehem, PA 18018

 Weekend Seasonal Attunement Retreats 2023

We are thrilled to be offering opportunities to dive deeper into embodiment practices and exploration of your internal terrain, while aligning with the external environment and season according to the Daoist cosmology upon which classical Chinese medicine originated. In other words- understanding internal movements and gestures through observing and connection with nature.


Quarterly Touch of Sound retreats are being offered throughout 2023 at the Harmony Mountain House in Harmony, NJ- a short 30 minute drive from Bethlehem, PA. Join us in a serene mountain setting to drop into the experience even deeper.

Touch of Sound retreats may include, but are not limited to: Acupuncture, Sonic Alchemy, Movement classes, guided breathwork,  plant ally meditation and DIY herbal remedies, nourishing plant based meals, comfortable accomodations, while connecting with community and enjoying time to  rejuvenate down to the cellular level.

Spring Attunement Retreat

 March 17th - March 19th 2023

Summer Attunement Retreat: 

Flourish Family Campout Edition!

June 2nd - 4th 2023

Autumn Attunement Retreat

October 13 - 15, 2023

Please join our newsletter & social media community for further details about event offerings,

and mindful  health inspired ponderings!

Many Blessings,

Ryan McLaughlin, L.Ac. & Benjammin Lee

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