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Individual Session
Our first meeting is 90 minutes, and will consist of time spent reviewing your completed new patient paperwork, diving deeper into areas of particular concern through curious questioning, a physical assessment, and treatment.  During  this intake discussion, I will be using a combination of channel and abdominal palpation, pulse and tongue diagnosis, with structural assessment to carefully craft a treatment to meet the needs of your body in that moment. ​
A treatment may consist of one or a combination of therapeutic modalities including:
Facial rejuvenation
Meditation & Visualization
Guided Breathing & Qi gong
Nourishment & Lifestyle  recommendations
Herbal medicine 
Each therapeutic modality is chosen at the discretion of the practitioner, but please communicate your interests!
Pricing at Flourish of Life Medicine
(effective February 1, 2024)
Initial Acupuncture Session: $175 / 90 minutes
Follow up Acupuncture Session:  $115 / 60 minutes
                                                       $160 / 90 minutes.
Initial Pediatric Session: $115/ 60 minutes
Follow Up Pediatric Session: $60/ 30 minutes.
Follow up visits may be recommended on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis as determined by your unique symptom presentation pattern and how your body integrates the treatment.
Flourish of Life Medicine does not offer insurance billing services, but can provide a superbill for reimbursement upon request.
Medicare does not reimburse for acupuncture performed by acupuncturists (only MD's.)

Group Sessions


During a complementary phone consultation, we can speak about location, group size, and goals for the group session. This discussion will assist you in co-creating a unique group acupuncture healing experience for you family, friends, neighbors, wedding party, or co-workers.

Group Packages

[Prices will vary based on location and # of participants]

ZEN: This session is a special moment to cut the stress and zen out, and also improve sleep quality. We will focus on stress reduction through acupuncture, guided breathing, mindset techniques, guided meditation and visualizations, and sharing helpful de-stress life hacks. 

EASE: Supporting circulation and reducing inflammation to ease your pain. Annihilate acute and chronic pain by taking a look at physical over-use patterns that are contributing to pain, postural alignment and stretching exercises, qi gong, acupuncture, and introducing healthy eating habits to reduce inflammation and pain.

RADIANCE: Self-care beauty massage techniques

will be taught, followed by a facial rejuvenation acupuncture treatment. 

ALIGN: Consider this seasonal tune-up a great way to align with the present moment through acupuncture, guided meditation with visualization, lessons about how Chinese medicine advises us to live with each season, and tips for eating with the season.

NOURISH: Optimizing digestion and metabolism to receive the nourishment you need.


FREEDOM:  You are supported in moving through addictions to habits of all kinds.

CYCLES:  Supporting the hormonal cycles within menstruating and climacteric bodies

PROTECTION: Strengthen your immune system and reduce allergy symptoms.

Book your complementary phone consultation to co-create an acupuncture party today!

Outdoor Empowerment


We are surrounded by opportunities to escape into the mountains, forests, rivers, and lakes. Connecting with our natural environment and our true wild nature reminds us of what really makes us flourish.  Disconnecting from the buzz of the busy world allows our nervous systems to find that place of relaxation and really begin to unwind.


The wilderness has been a lifelong  medicine for me. My life has been filled with hiking, backpacking, and rock climbing since childhood, and in my adult years has expanded to alpine climbing. There is nothing more humbling than a journey to a mountain summit and back. I have been an active member with the Santiam Alpine Club since 2014, and have went through their Mountaineering School as well as additional Glacial Travel and Crevasse Rescue training. I was annually teaching rock climbing and co-teaching alpine snow travel at the Santiam Alpine Club's Mountaineering School.  Wilderness First Aid certification is current.

I will be leading Outdoor Empowerment trips as part of my mission to reconnect people with their natural world. Included in these trips are teachings about plant allies native to each region, guided meditations, qi gong sessions, and passing along wilderness skills to empower individuals to get out and explore! Please contact me with your interests, and I will notify you when the next trip is being planned, or we can co-create our own!

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Tai Chi Practice
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