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Please Note: Online Scheduling for New Patients remains closed.
Please e-mail directly to be placed on waiting list for openings,
or for a referral to another local practitioner.
Thank you for understanding this gesture as serving the 
highest good of this rapidly  growing community and myself.

Intake Paperwork

The PDF below is very thorough and assists to highlight underlying patterns that your body tends towards. Chinese medicine diagnostic frameworks help to show us how it is all connected! 


Take your time filling out this health questionnaire, please be thorough, and take a break if you need one! Please include all medications, supplements, and herbs that you are currently taking. 

This will allow for us to be efficient with our time together and maximize the length of time for hands on treatment during your first visit.

Completed paperwork and current lab results

can be brought with you to your first appointment.

Access to Medical Grade Supplements with Fullscript

We often are not getting all the nutrients and minerals we need in our diet alone to support the organ systems in creating positive change. Supporting ourselves with a small supplement regimen can be really helpful in giving us that extra boost forward towards our health and wellness goals.


If you are interested in honing in your nutrient support, please send me an e-mail to schedule an appointment to go over your needs. If you are a current patient, we can create a personalized protocol for you!

When sourcing food supplements- QUALITY MATTERS!!  That is why I created online access to two of my most trusted supplements dispensaries.


Please note that my Wellevate Dispensary is closing, and migrating to Fullscript. All patients will have a Fullscript account created for them to access recommended

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